Joyce M. Bell

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Joyce M. Bell is Associate Professor in RDI, the Department of Sociology, and the College.  In my research and teaching I ask questions about racism in work & organizations and social movements. My first line of work—in the area of race, social movements, and the professions—is primarily concerned with how resistance to racism shapes the professions. My first book The Black Power Movement and American Social Work (2014, Columbia University Press) details how Black professionals used the steam of the movement to bring change to their profession. My second research area is concerned with diversity as a racial project. I am interested in how the notion of diversity works as a tool to co-opt progressive racial policy, movements, and discourse. I research the role of diversity discourse in organizations, higher education policy, and in the law. Currently, I’m writing a book on Black Power Law and developing courses and research projects focused on Black futures, visions for liberatory organizations, Black internationalism and Black fashion.