Mannat Johal

Mannat Johal is a Teaching Fellow in the Departments of Anthropology and Race, Diaspora, and Indigeneity at the University of Chicago. Her dissertation, Tempered by Time: Ceramics and the Fabric of Time in Medieval (12th-14th century) South India, examines how individuals and communities form relations to time in their quotidian engagements with materials. More broadly, her research addresses questions of historicity, temporality, and historical narrativization. Working with archaeological materials, her work considers the potentials of archaeological methods of fieldwork and analysis towards accounting for time-scales of action in the past, and theorizing how temporalizing practices take shape in the archaeological record.

Research Interests: Temporality and periodization; materiality of quotidian practice; South Asia

2022-23 Courses: Colonizations I (Autumn 2022); Colonizations III (Winter & Spring)