Sanjukta Poddar

Sanjukta PoddarI completed a PhD in South Asian History from the Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations in August 2022. My dissertation explores the cultural politics of place-making practices in the provincial capital city of Allahabad during the colonial period. My research was supported by the Mellon Foundation, Nicholson Center for British Studies, Committee on Southern Asian Studies, and the Humanities Division among others. My book project is tentatively titled Indian Discourses on Caste: Print Cultures, Caste Publics, and the Provincial City in Colonial India. I have written for Scroll, Economic and Political Weekly, and academic blogs. I believe in making scholarship and research available to a wider public. To that end, I am research fellow for NPR’s history podcast, Throughline in Autumn 2022 and I am part of South Asia podcast team at New Books Network.

Research interests: Comparative Studies in Caste and Race, Urban History of Colonial and Postcolonial Cities, Literary Histories and Print Cultures of South Asia, Debates in Caste, Gender, and Religious Identities

2022-23 Courses: Preceptor for BA Colloquium: Theory and Methods in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (BA Capstone/Thesis Seminar: Autumn 2022 and Winter 2023), Against Caste and Race: A Parallel History of Resistance in India and in the United States (Self-designed Interdisciplinary Seminar: Winter 2022), Colonizations II (Social Sciences Civilization Core Seminar: Spring 2023)